Frank Kidd's collection has grown through the years, as an avid collector of antique mechanical and still banks. Today his collection has grown beyond the cast iron banks to include teddy bears, dolls, Mickey Mouse, Badges and toy trains. You'll probably see him down there working and organizing his collection.

When he's not at the museum he's probably buying groceries at Costco, sending emails in all caps, or feeding the birds and squirrels in his yard. (Don't tell him we told you)


There are items in the collection that by today's standards are egregiously offensive to members of our community. Of course there is no denying that "The Jolly Nigger Banks" are a product of racist ideology. Our goal is to put these objects on display so our guests can understand the level that these symbols are ingrained into our understanding of history and race. 

We encourage you to see our exhibit and if there are banks that are unsightly, we can assure you that there are many other things to see. This isn't a museum about race, it's about toys, but that doesn't mean those two things don't intersect. 

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